Genuine like real fruit

Unico is our latest challenge. It is a healthy and tasty non- alcoholic drink similar to a fruit juice. In fact it is produced with 100% fruit, all coming from local Piedmont agriculture: Barbera grapes, apples, pears and peaches from Piedmont. No added coloring or preservatives, its color is naturally produced by the fruit and the taste may vary due to the predominance of one fruit over another. This year is like this, next year who knows. For this reason it is called Unico.

UNICO was awarded in 2013 the Seven Green Award in the food category for the attention paid towards quality in the choice of raw materials, for the protection of the land and overall sustainability. The Italian newspaper “Corriere della Sera” defines this award as “The Oscar Of Nature”.

The color is dense with a predominance of must and warm shades of a summer sunset.
An intense scent of ripe fruit and fresh herbs.
The first taste is deeply intense and full bodied. The subtleties of light pulp dissolve almost immediately into freshness and a clean taste of grape juice makes the drink balanced and harmonious with a delicate and persistent aroma.

Drunk on its own it is a nutritional thirst-quencher particularly suitable with snacks.
It can be used as a base ingredient for cocktails both alcoholic and non.
To be served without ice adding half a strawberry or raspberry on the side of the glass.
Pour gently and leave to sit for a few seconds, stir with a wooden spoon before drinking.

Temperature: 15/18 °C