For those who are fond of strong flavours

For our Aranciata Amara we have chosen the bitter orange par excellence, the Melangolo di Puglia. Its characteristic rough skin protects the flesh, a flavour that is strong and unique, like its history. It is one of the oldest citrus fruits grown in Puglia, with origins dating back to the year 1000. A fruit made famous by Prince Melo of Bari, who sent them as a gift to the Normans. The contrasts and aromas of the Melangolo derive from the soil, the climate and the sea in the Gargano area. For a bitter orangeade that takes you by surprise.

The lingering pastel nuances conceal an unexpectedly fruity bouquet, with decisive and pleasantly pungent notes. The initial result on the palate is clean and versatile, slowly turning into a pleasantly bitter and dry finale, distinctive trait of the product.
The fine effervescence persists, balancing its bitterness and enhancing its freshness.
Serve in a tall tumbler filled with ice and garnished with orange peel. Perfect as an aperitif paired with savoury foods and canapés.

Serving temperature: 5/8 °C