Good ingredients with unique values

Lurisia labels guarantee one of the healthiest and lightest waters in Europe and also original and tasty beverages.
Although this is not enough to describe who we are. There are other qualities and values that make us unique like the particular attention we pay to the conservation of the environment around us and the responsibility that we assume every day, guaranteeing eco-friendly use of the resources.
The regular controls numerous times a day, the exemplary parameters of the water’s pureness that we bottle. The choice to use exclusively the best selected raw materials in our country.
The desire – a little against the flow – to use a glass bottle.
Saving and optimizing energy in all phases of production and distribution of our products. To this we add the commitment to produce economic wealth to redistribute locally and to protect those who work for us.


Lurisia is chosen by Salone del Gusto, Slow Fish and Cheese who share fully the worths.