Normal Beer

The transgressive taste of Artisan beer

A mixture of both the creativity of Teo Musso, an eclectic artisan brewer and our excellent quality, the beer Normale is produced according to tradition and only uses selected Italian raw materials: pure water of the Maritime Alps, barley malt and hops grown in the valleys of Piedmont and yeast. Delicious because it is unpasteurized, Normale because it has the flavor of a true homemade beer.

Of a light straw color, with a persistent and compact white foam, that preserves the fragrance.
The soft carbonation enhances the intense aroma of malt, herbs and yeast.
Exalting on the tongue a hint of honey, balances well with the bitter hops giving depth, long lasting taste and a pleasant herbaceous aftertaste.

Excellent as an aperitif, drunk with a meal or even a pizza.

Temperature: 10/12 °C