On the water’s side. Always

The uniqueness of Lurisia water depends mainly on the environment of the surrounding area and we are profoundly aware of the tight connection between the quality of the water and the well being of the land. For this reason we take care of every inch of the nearly 1000 hectares of the mineral land granted us. From the community of Lurisia to the top of Monte Pigna, we are committed to looking after every inch of our land from any possible source of pollution, constantly checking that nothing and nobody ruins the perfection of this place. No unpermitted building. No hydro exploitation. Respect for native flora and fauna. It is from our fields and our woods that the spring begins: through the earth on which the snow lays, filtering as it melts, good minerals are absorbed and the natural elements which determine the uniqueness and authenticity of Lurisia.
Nature therefore, is our first resource but Lurisia is also a resource for our region. The economical return of every activity connected to us, starting with a regional tax, which is reinvested in our local town and the area. Not only environment conservation
therefore but also the capacity to create growth and prosperity in a zone that is relatively poor. It is this strong connection with our land in which we demonstrate with pride everything we do: in our original soft drinks, in our normal beer and Unico which get their excellence from the top quality ingredients supplied by local farmers in our area that are supported by the Slow Food Presidium.

A richness to preserve. Responsibly

In 2012 we bottled 60 million liters of water, equal to the yearly consumption of 657 people or the water consumed in just four
hours in the city of Milan and we don’t waste even a drop.
We are very careful about recycling, reusing industrial water several times and for different things: from rinsing the bottles to other production processes. Despite permission from the provincial authorities to dispose our waste water we don’t do it because we decided to make the most of this precious resource. So we purify it and reintroduce it to the hydro cycle. So it isn’t a miracle just a responsible and conscious use of its goodness. Everything here follows the strict policy of saving and optimizing energy and resources: from the principle with which we built our offices to national A class standards,(optimal energy use) to the method of shipping and transporting using truck-sharing and to little things like using low consumption light bulbs and stand-by off switches.

Show off our quality

Our environmental choices also include our preference of glass for bottling because we believe that it is the only material capable of enhancing the pureness of our products. Showing off the best we have, through the best quality glass, 100% recyclable.
We love glass because its values correspond to ours: guaranteed quality, protection of health and sustainability. It is the only natural container, infinitely 100% recyclable and refillable.