Drink young like tradition

Our Aranciata is produced with "Gargano IGP oranges", Slow Food Presidium, that come from one of the most beautiful bays of the Adriatic sea. Here the oranges mature at the end of winter acquiring an excellent resistance to oxidation after harvest: thin peel, firm pulp and sweet juice make for a unique product.

The color is a slightly opaque orange of moderate tones characterized with interesting iridescence. A fine and persistent
effervescence with an intense, strong, deep and decisive scent of citrus, Spring flowers and herbaceous essence. The sweetness alternates in your mouth with a gentle and balanced acidity, reminding you of the typical sensations of ripe oranges, an intense and persistent citrus aroma.

Drunk on its own it is an excellent thirst-quencher and goes well with snacks or used in light and fresh aperitifs.

Excellent also when transformed into sorbet with an added leaf of Melissa and orange zest.

To be served in a glass tumbler, with a slice of orange and no ice.

Temperature: 5/8 °C