Special Beer

Continuing on the path started with Normale to propose a lively, quality beer, accessible to anyone who wants to learn about the world of craft beers. The Speciale beer is an unpasteurized, high fermentation amber beer (ALE). It is produced in Italy according to tradition and only with selected raw materials: pure water that flows from the Alps of Piedmont, barley malt, hops and yeast. Very good because unpasteurized, Speciale because it is a real craft beer.

It has a light amber color due to the use of lightly toasted Italian barley malts, combined with pils malt.
The compact and persistent foam preserves the fragrance and aroma when served. The taste of the aromatic Anglo-Saxon hops give freshness and a pleasant hint of bitterness that the Master brewer calls "a stroke of aroma”.
You can smell the scents of malt, yeast and a pleasant herbaceous finish.

Lurisia "Speciale" is perfect for those who enjoy a tasty beer to drink as an aperitif or paired with meat, mature cheese and, why not, burgers.

Temperature: 6/8 °C